Jackson County Community Outreach

Through Our Community, JCCO Provides Technical College and Traditional College Scholarships to Graduates of Jackson County Georgia.

Jackson County Community Outreach provides scholarships to technical college and traditional college for graduating seniors in Jackson County Georgia. We offer multiple scholarships per year to the “at risk” students who have the passion and commitment to change their life for the better. We also provide leadership in the area of education and the workforce in our county. Jackson County is a vibrant and diverse growing county that the workforce produced has not always matched up with the need. There are many industries and large-scale operations moving to Jackson County Georga. The requirement of a skilled workforce that has the right mix of technical knowledge, commitment to education, soft skills and lives locally. We see our purpose as bringing together the faith community, the business leaders and the education leaders of our county together to ensure that the workforce graduating from our schools will meet the needs of the jobs coming to Jackson County Georgia presently and in the future. We want to stimulate economic growth through a commitment and understanding that education is key to the counites success.

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Who we are

Jackson County Community Outreach is a not for profit, 501c that came into existence in 1998. We are an all-volunteer member civic group that live and work in Jackson County Georgia. We all have been a part of the ever-growing population of people that live, work and go to church in Jackson County. We all have a vision and understanding that education will help us improve the economic growth and standard of living in our County.

What we do

Each year Jackson County Community Outreach provides scholarships to deserving high school graduates of Jackson County Georgia. We look for students through an application and interview process each year in early spring. Each High school in Jackson County send potential applicated to us, and we have a scholarship committee that searches for the right mix of attributes that we look for in our potential applicants. We provide these scholarships for both seniors that are going to technical college, or traditional college that are looking to major in areas that we feel are the most critical to the workforce needs of Jackson County Georgia. We have always looked for the students that are “at risk.” For us, that means a high school graduate that maybe can make it to college or technical college but will not qualify for traditional avenues for scholarships. We are continually looking for the graduate that has a passion for making a difference without help may not be able to get the assistance they need.

Help Out

Jackson County Community Outreach is always on the lookout for volunteers and donations to our cause. If you are an individual or business that is in Jackson County Georgia and you have a commitment to the idea that education is the key to the future success of the county, then we urge you to help. We need your financial support to help us in the mission of providing scholarships to our county’s graduating seniors. We have multiple ways you can get involved through donations. We have an endowment fund that allows us to prepare for the future and is our source of funding for the college scholarships we provide each year. We also have an annual banquet which helps local businesses to purchase tables and provide funding for our technical college scholarship fund. Over the last 19 years, we have provided more than $200,000.00 in scholarships back to the graduating seniors of Jackson County Georgia and are on track to grow the number of scholarships we offer by 10 percent each year with your continued support.

Donate to our Cause


Each year Jackson County Community Outreach hosts several activities that promote the economic and educational needs of our community here in Jackson County Georgia. The largest of these events is our annual Christmas Banquet that supports our technical scholarship funding as well as helping our education and business community in the county. Each year we show our support for the faith community, educational efforts or the county, as well as to highlight the growing skill set that our business community needs for the workforce in Jackson County. This event brings our entire community together so that we can show our support for the idea that education is the best way to improve our county on multiple levels. As part of our mission, we are also striving to bring together the community to have workshops on soft job skills and the growing technical skill set that the businesses of Jackson County.

Technical College Scholarship

In 2015 as a response to the economic needs of our community and to support the growing industry needs we added a Technical College Scholarship program. This program is in addition to our regular college fund and the first year we were able to provide two $2000.00 scholarships to students. This area of scholarship is growing each year, and we will continue to provide as many as possible based on table sales at our annual Christmas Banquet.

College Scholarships

The JCCO provides scholarships to graduating seniors from Jackson County Georgia going to two years or four-year traditional college. Starting in 1999 with just one $1000.00 scholarship, since then we have awarded 160 scholarships, and that number grows each year. Most years we provide 15 plus scholarships to applicants that are pursuing fields of study that match up with the workforce needs of Jackson County.

Application Process

Each year in January or February, we will post our Scholarship application on our Website’s “Application” page.  The application is in PDF format and can be filled out on line, downloaded, then given to your highschool counselor for review and signoff.  The Counselor will batch applications and forward to the JCCO Scholarship Committee at, PO Box 746, Commerce, Ga. 30529 , before the deadline date.  Students can also ask theirHigh School Counselors for help in obtaining the application.

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