Categories for donations are as follows:

(1) JCCO Annual Achievement  Award Banquet table Sponsorship – $400 *      

(2) JCCO Endowment Fund- Supports our Tech College Industrial Scholarships – Desired donation factors – $1000, $2500, $5000 5 year commitment or single year.**     

(3) JCCO Discretionary Operating  Expense Budget – Contributions At Will ***

All contributions are tax deductible -501(C)(3) nonprofit 

*Formal Banquet Ticket packets furnished

**Contributions to the Endowment Fund  can be made by contacting the JCCO President for details.

***Contributions to the Discretionary Expense Budget can be made direct by Check to: JCCO PO Box 746, Commerce, Ga. 30529.


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