Scholarship Application Time for 2020

Jackson County Community Outreach is very proud to announce that we will be awarding 23 scholarships to students in Jackson County!

Thanks to generous donations from businesses and industries in Jackson County, we have been able to increase our scholarship allotment from $28,000 in 2019 to $30,000 for 2020.

These scholarships are awarded, exclusively, to seniors who attend high schools in any of the three school systems in Jackson County.  The breakdown of scholarships is listed below.
JCCO Scholarships (16 @ $1000 each) – Four students at each high school have the opportunity to receive this scholarship, provided that they meet the criteria, through the application and interview process.
JCCO TECHNICAL-INDUSTRIAL Scholarships (5 @ $2000 each) – Five students who are planning to attend a technical college and qualify based on specific technical-industrial skillsets training.
TOM LEWIS LEADERSHIP Scholarship (1 @ $1500) – One student will receive this scholarship by meeting the criteria for the JCCO scholarship, and showing evidence of leadership in school, community, and or church activities.
JIM SCOTT VISIONARY Scholarship (1 @ $2500) – One student will receive this scholarship by meeting the criteria for the JCCO scholarship, and showing evidence of leadership and service to others (volunteering, community service) through school, community, and or church activities.
**Please note that the JCCO scholarships are to be divided among the four high schools (based on student qualification).  The JCCO Technical-Industrial, Tom Lewis Leadership, and Jim Scott Visionary scholarships will be awarded to the most highly qualified applicants, regardless of the high school in which they are enrolled.
To qualify for any of these scholarships, students must show evidence of:
*a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5
*school/community involvement
*need for financial assistance
*Willingness to participate in an interview, if selected to move forward
We, at Jackson County Community Outreach, are very excited to be able to provide these scholarship opportunities to the deserving youth of Jackson County.  Thank you so much for continuing your support of these efforts.
Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.
For more information contact us directly:
Kay Shanahan
Scholarship Chairperson
Carmen Poblet
Scholarship Co-Chair
Jim Scott
JCCO President

Please fill out the form below in full and give to your councellor to apply for our 2020 Scholarship Award.

You can download the form and mail it in or fill out the contact form below.

Click the Download button and type on the PDF. Once you have filled out the form completely, then you can print off the PDF from that screen by clicking on the printer icon.

If you want to, you can download the PDF to your desktop and type on the form and print it off from the open PDF.

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