JCCO is an IRS 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt charity, so all contributions go toward the scholarship fund. Jackson Counties Community Outreach has a goal to provide college scholarships and technical school scholarships to graduates of the following schools: Jackson County Comprehensive High School, East Jackson Comprehensive High School, Jefferson High School and Commerce High School in Jackson County GA.

We hope that everyone understands the benefits of supporting further education in their county.

The more support received from volunteers and businesses; the more help JCCO can give to local high school seniors to help them onto the next phase of their education.  The goal is to enhance educational opportunities for youth who will return to or stay in the community to improve the workforce with highly skilled and educated workers and leaders.

Current Membership

Mr. Jim Scott – President (Fundraising & Donor Contact Duties)

Mr. Eugene Gilliam – Vice President ( Operations)

Rev. B. H. Bailey –  Treasurer

Ms. Anita Brown-Jackson –  Secretary

Ms. Elaine Roller – Scholarship Committee Chairperson

Ms. Mary Burley – Scholarship Committee Asst. Chair

Ms Katye W. Semanson- Scholarship Engagement  Chair

Rev. Russell Jackson – Faith-Based Advisor

Rev. Luis Hernandez- Board Member at Large

Ms. Charlotte Johnson – Banquet Committee & Scholarship  Support

Ms. Alice Rucker – Banquet  Committee & Scholarship Support

Mr. Jeffrey Damons – Banquet Committee

Ms. Doris Brown – Member

Ms. Renee Brown – Member

Ms. Patricia Gilliam- Scholarship Committee

Ms Dulce Gerber – Special Projects

Ms. Jaci Beason – JCCO Student Intern

Advisory Committee

Dr. Andy Byers – Retired Superintendent, Jackson County Schools

Mr. Neville Anderson – President/CEO, Rural Green Power, LLC

Mr. Tim Cornelison – Chief Mortgage Originator, United Community Bank

 Mr. Jerry Wise – Administrator, Northridge Medical Center

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